The professional rental shop solution for your dealers


MultiStore is a powerful, innovative shop software that enables retailers
modular shop-in-shop systems.

Create and manage any number of online shops, create brand worlds in the sales business and support your brand identity with suitable shop in shop systems.


Promote and operate a single shop together with your specialist dealers.

New customers and orders are distributed to the specialist dealers on the basis of defined rules.

Each specialist retailer can operate an independent shop with an individual layout - the so-called retail store - so that new customers can access the central marketplace as well as the retail store. can be won.


With the multi-talent MultiStore you can easily implement the following shop system scenarios:

  • multi shop system, shop-in-shop concept
  • Marketplace
  • dealer association
  • advertising association

With TELEXROLL, your customers' data is in good hands.

Trust is the basis of every eCommerce. With the use of SSL encryption you identify yourself as a reliable partner for your visitors and customers.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) allows the data transfer between web server and browser to be encrypted so that third party access to sensitive data can be excluded.


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