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We offer shipping companies and professional skippers a wide range of services.

Put your request together with your IMPA number - you will receive an offer from us with the matching articles.

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Many shipping companies are facing the great challenge of finding a reliable supplier,
which guarantees a smooth process from the preparation of the offer to the final report.

As a basis for a serious and trustful cooperation you will receive from us a complete offer
with manufacturer information, service description, take-back deadlines and final Cost statement.

IMPA and ISSA numbers ensure transparency - < all articles are marked with a individual ID number.

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We provide shipping companies and skippers with on-schedule, worldwide delivery to competitive conditions. We see ourselves as a partner with a service that is specially tailored to the needs of our customers. Service offer.
Do not hesitate to contact us.

IInternational shipping equipment supplier

International shipping equipment supplier

Transparency through ISSA and IMPA IDs

Transparency through ISSA and IMPA IDs

Worldwide delivery

Worldwide delivery

Individual service

Individueller Service


For further information, Mr Tschierschke is available by telephone at +49 (0)40 540 64 99 to the order.

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