Company Profile
Die TELEXROLL Handels GmbH stellt sich vor

We have been operating successfully as wholesalers in Germany since 1984.

Our extensive product portfolio includes office equipment, printers & multifunction devices, copiers, fax machines, computer consumables such as printer ink and toner cartridges, storage media and office supplies.

Trade is change - when this old saying came into being, no one could have imagined that its importance would increase more and more in the future.

We have always adapted our overall concept to the changes in the market. We are convinced that this is an important reason for our success.

In 2000 we founded TELEXROLL-Solutions.

In this department we are concerned with the development of technical solutions that meet our customers' requirements. dealers and help us. The "Solutions" department develops software, maintains data and programs individual solutions.

We recognized early on that our success depends on the success of our customers.

Wholesale and specialist trade are in the same boat. Our customers' needs have changed, we have changed. The age of the information society represents many good specialist dealers under enormous pressure. A small business can often have the necessary specialists for IT solutions for Do not provide optimization of work processes.

Companies involved in the restructuring of their operational processes have not enough time for your customers.

The combination of the experience from the wholesale business and the technical qualification of the department "Solutions" has led to astonishing results and has proven to be very efficient. ...has been exposed.

Since we know all work processes from decades of practical experience, we have been able to provide you with the best possible service. development department can meet exactly the needs of today's specialist dealers.

For a long time now, our solutions have not only been used in the paper, office supplies and stationery sector. Today, our technology and our experience are also used in other industries.

Today, the development of software accounts for almost half of our business activities.