A real alternative to the original

Often, original printer consumables are just as expensive as the equipment itself. That doesn't have to be the case, you can save a lot of money with replacement products.

However, alternative products should meet various criteria. There must be a constant high quality, the product should be visually appealing. and be available to the customer.

Primisso Cardboard

Under the brand "Primisso" we sell high-quality, alternative printer consumables, as e.g. "Replacement toner" and "Replacement image drums", which meet even the highest demands. will.

This great alternative brand combines outstanding quality
with attractive wrapper and high availability.

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A strong brand since 2002 - even then we recognized the need for alternative products in favor our dealers.

Until then we had alternative products from other manufacturers in our range, that besides delivery problems, often did not meet our requirements or those of our customers.

In order to maintain control over the quality and availability of our offered printer consumables for
we decided to produce under our own brand in the future.

With "Primisso" we created a great alternative brand,
the highest to date quality requirements and is 100% compatible.

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"Primisso" means refills in A-quality.

Each cartridge may only be reused once to ensure that high-quality, print results corresponding to the original. When reusing the original original cartridge (virgin cartridge), the lion's share of the module.

You can rely on compliance with DIN standards and strict quality controls with compatible inks and toners in A-quality.

Through permanent controls we offer you the highest quality and efficiency in consumption.

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